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Perhaps the occasion calls for a presentation of some aspect of the pipes or of Scottish or Celtic music and culture. After a lifetime of study of the instrument I have gathered much information and music which I can present in entertaining and informative ways. I offer programs about the pipes and Scottish music and history to groups of any size, age, and for any occasion.

I have made presentations to grade school children on the music and history of the instrument, complete with demonstration, of course, on both the big and the small pipes, and low whistle. I have entertained people in retirement centers with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I have presented my programs at Burns suppers. I have woven poetry and story into my presentations, taking audiences on journeys into the magical landscape of Celtic myth. I have entertained at Winter Solstice celebrations with the tunes and tales appropriate to the occasion. I have presented a program of poems, tunes and tales about the Cailleach, the old mother Goddess of Scotland and Ireland, as well as a program of tunes and tales about the deer of the Highlands. I have told stories from Scottish authors, complete with musical examples. If desired, I am able to include other fine musicians, including my pipe band, Santa Cruz Pipes and Drums.

A presentation makes a perfect gift for the Celtic-oriented on the occasion, say, of their birthday: an evening of being conducted into the timeless realm of Celtic music and story. For a birthday I can also weave a program around a particular Scottish surname or clan affiliation or part of Scotland. And for an anniversary I can weave an evening around tunes and stories of Celtic love and relationship.

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